Welcome to JayAHoward.us

A Gay Dude from Indiana




My Interest’s are:


(Cyber Security, Web Design, Software Coding, Network Configuration)

Computers (Windows OS, Setting up Email, Configuring a VPN)

Playing DJ at Home     

Amusement Park’s (Cedar Point)

Pop Music

Country Music

Outside Work (Landscaping)

Farming (Fence Building, Cattle)




I will be launching a Cloud Music Platform in 2022

The Projected Launch Date is between January 2022 and April 2022

The domains purchased for this project are:



The main website will be: *jahcloudmusic.us* 

The domain *cloudmusic.us* is forwarded to *jahcloudmusic.us*   

The current state is *NON-OPERATIONAL* and is a work in progress


Thank You,
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Jay A Howard